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“Very interesting ideas about community and misconceptions people can have from movies.”

Education Outreach Screenings and Study Guides

Cinema/Chicago brings over 6,000 CPS students into theaters throughout the school year and during the Festival for FREE Education Outreach Screenings. These screenings cover a wide variety of genres including foreign cinema, documentaries, local productions and international new releases. With the help of the Cinema/Chicago Education Advisory Committee - made up of youth media professionals and educators - films are chosen that relate to Chicago Public School curriculum, exposing students to films from other cultures, in other languages, and about complex and engaging subjects.

Prior to all Cinema/Chicago Education Outreach screenings, study guides are provided to prepare educators and students for the content and concepts of the film, ensuring that the discussion regarding the film can take place long after the students have left the theater. These study guides provide basic production and synopsis information, as well as pre-screening lesson topics and post-screening discussion questions. These guides ask the students to think beyond the theater seat, and relate the film to their curriculum as well as their daily environment.

Study guides from past Cinema/Chicago Education Outreach screenings are available to educators to use any time in the classroom. For additional questions or lesson ideas, as well as where to find past films, please contact Cinema/Chicago's Education Program Manager, Rebecca Fons.

Study Guides

PDF 5 Girls

PDF A Wedding in Ramallah

PDF Alice Walker Beauty in Truth

PDF All Power to the People

PDF Amandla

PDF Anne B. Real

PDF Ballou

PDF Battleground

PDF Benji Study Guide

PDF Blindsight

PDF Brown Sugar

PDF Bully

PDF Chasing Fireflies

PDF CineYouth

PDF Circus Kids

PDF Copyright Criminals

PDF Cronos

PDF Dark

PDF Day of the Crows Study Guide

PDF Deaf Jam

PDF Forbidden Games

PDF Girls On The Wall

PDF Go For It!

PDF Good Morning

PDF Grand Illusion

PDF Grey Gardens

PDF Harlem Aria

PDF Heat Wave

PDF International Shorts Program

PDF International Shorts

PDF International Shorts Study Guide - 2012

PDF Kinyarwanda

PDF La Playa D.C. Study Guide

PDF Lalee’s Kin

PDF Legacy

PDF Lemon Tree

PDF Les Choristes

PDF Lift

PDF International Shorts Program

PDF Louder Than a Bomb

PDF Mad Hot Ballroom

PDF Made In China

PDF Mary & Max

PDF Minerva’s Quest

PDF Monsieur Lazhar

PDF Mooz-lum

PDF More Than a Month

PDF My Architect

PDF My Good Enemy

PDF My Life as McDull

PDF Noi Albinoi

PDF Notorious

PDF Of Boys And Men

PDF Off White Lies Study Guide

PDF One Week

PDF Otelo Burning Study Guide

PDF Patang

PDF Persepolis

PDF Pressure Cooker

PDF P*Star Rising

PDF Public Enemy

PDF Racing Dreams

PDF Rain

PDF Rashamon

PDF Real Women Have Curves

PDF Refugee

PDF Runaway

PDF Salaam Dunk

PDF Set Me Free

PDF Something Necessary

PDF Soul Food Junkies

PDF Spellbound

PDF Swing

PDF The Agronomist

PDF The Athlete

PDF The Atom Smashers

PDF The Class (Entre les murs)

PDF The Girls on Liberty Street

PDF The Interrupters

PDF The Last Just Man

PDF The Manchurian Candidate

PDF The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

PDF The Visitor

PDF The Wooden Camera

PDF Those Who Remain

PDF Tomboy

PDF Tough Bond

PDF Triplets of Belleville

PDF Trust

PDF Undefeated

PDF Unknown Solder

PDF Valentin

PDF Violet Perfume

PDF War Dance

PDF War Witch study guide

PDF Wattstax

PDF Wolfskinder



Buses arrive at Landmark for a student screening.

Director Carmen Marron talks with students after the 46th Chicago International Film Festival screening of Go For It!

Students meet documentary subjects of the film Louder Than a Bomb after the October 2010 Outreach screening.